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Louis Trauth Dairy is a full-line dairy processor located in Newport, Kentucky. We are committed to quality and continuously maintain higher standards than our competitors. This is truly what sets our dairy products apart from other products in the market.

RBST FreeRead our commitment to produce milk free of Artificial Growth Hormones (rBGH).

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Ice Cream Products
French Onion Dip French Onion Dip Favorites
Featuring Trauth French Onion Dip.

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Chocolate Frosting Double Chocolate Chip Frosting
Featuring Trauth Sour Cream.

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Hello Friends! I am so excited to be associated with Trauth Dairy and be a part of their new website every month. I hope you’ll visit us each month and enjoy all the delicious things we have to share.
-Beverly Nye

Louis Trauth Dairy Truck
Louis Trauth, Sr. began a family tradition when he founded Trauth in 1920. For over 87 years, members of the Trauth family and Trauth Dairy's dedicated employees continue to produce the finest quality dairy products for everyone to enjoy.
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Louis Trauth Dairy Truck
An Online Resource for Dairy Producers
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Make Every Day Delicious & Nutritious
100% Florida Orange Juice Orange Juice
100% Pure Florida Orange Juice

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Arctic Splash Fruit Drinks Fruit Rush Drinks
Available in 5 delicious flavors.

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